Freedom of Assembly and association, just as important as freedom of speach

This is all about the good and evil of Indiana’s new, what I call, Freedom of Association law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act.). Yes, it is the same law that many others call the anti-gay bill or the anti-LGBT law.

This law has nothing to do with the public sector, nor does it block anyone from being homosexual, or transgendered. (I do not ever use those words as a derogatory term.)

  • The LGBT community won’t find itself jailed because of who they are.
  • The LGBT community still has the rights to freely associate with whomever wants to freely associate with them.

What this law does, is to allow business owners to freely not associate with people they don’t want to associate with.

But here is the MOST important trigger that most people fail to see is that you now have a blatant excuse to boycott businesses who practice this type of discrimination. Under the prior law, we would see some discriminatory lawsuits against people violating labor laws, but now, if this is a big deal, we can see a whole business ran out of town/state due to nobody wanting to do business with them. This is a great thing.

This is why I believe that the actions of Salesforce to relocate out of Indiana is ridiculous, they are saying that the fear mongers have won. Read Here…

So in summary, use this law to your advantage, and practice voting with your dollar. Use freedom to remove hate rather than violence. Because we all know that government is a monopoly on violence.

I preach Christ to remove discrimination and to end the desire to use violence. This is why I have changed my view of the LGBT crowd from sinners, in which we are all sinners according to the Mosaic Law, to brethren and friend because Christ Jesus died for us ALL. The saints didn’t need to be sanctified, so this must have been done for ALL of us sinners.


    1. I can agree with that. If a business owner doesn’t want to deal with a union, but the employees do, they both should have options.

      Owner: Don’t negotiate with the unions. Terminate the employment of anyone who won’t work without the blessings of the union. Try to help foster the union to be a benefit to his business and the union members.

      Union member: Find another job. Boycott the business that won’t support the unionization of employees. Don’t join the union. Guide the union to foster a mutually beneficial development between them and the employer.

      There are many other variances, but the basics should be, tolerate, protest, leave, or collaborate. Each of these should be voluntary outcomes, with no violence or government infringements.

      I’m not sure where you were going with your comment, but I agree with the expression.

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