VormVrij unveils a lineup of clay-based 3D printers

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

This large 3D clay printer is ideal for potters, digital artists and Makers.

Plastics, metals, woods and even chocolates are among some of the materials currently being used by 3D printers today. While they may be great mediums for rapid prototyping, they simply won’t suffice for artists and craftsmen looking to create things out of clay. That was until now. Thanks to the duo of Dutch inventors Yao and Marlieke who make up the startup VormVrij, DIYers will soon be able to fabricate ceramic pieces faster than ever before.


As we’ve previously covered on Bits & Pieces, VormVrij has been focused on using clay as an alternative to plastic filaments and recently debuted their first machine last fall. For those unfamiliar with this niche, ceramic-based 3D printers can often times be a bit pricey when compared to more traditional polymer-based devices. Aside from that, these machines can require a considerable amount of time and attention to the recipe of the clay itself. Luckily, this new process is meant to replace the typical…

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