Twitter Mood Lamp visualizes the mood of Denver

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This 3D-printed, Arduino-powered lamp changes colors to match the mood of Denver. 

Many people consider New York to be a busy metropolis filled with irritable and angry people. On the other hard, others find Los Angeles to be more laid-back. New Orleans, well several folks would say it’s rather festive and jovial. However, the mood of a place like Denver, Colorado is a bit harder to classify. That’s why Maker Chadwick Friedman has created a 3D-printed Twitter Mood Lamp that, as its name would imply, changes colors to match the attitude of the city.


Inspired by those mood rings from the ’70, Friedman decided to build a lamp that would actively respond to Twitter trends. The project itself is controlled by an Arduino Yún (ATmega32U4), which causes the device to emit either red, green, or blue based on whether the mood of the city is perceived to be angry, happy, or sad, respectively. The Maker employed the help of Temboo to capture and analyze the sentiment of Denver by searching for specific…

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