Plant Friends is an AVR based plant environmental monitor system

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These bamboo characters will become friends with your plants. 

Have you ever wanted to know the exact moment that your precious plants get thirsty? A Maker by the name of Dickson Chow has created an environmental monitor system called Plant Friends that will tell you just that.


The environment monitoring solution is comprised of two sub-systems: wireless sensor nodes in the form of cute, laser-cut bamboo characters and a base station. The adorable bunny, robot and dinosaur nodes monitor soil moisture, air temperature and humidity of your indoor plants, and will alert you via email or SMS when they are in need of a drink. Aside from these notifications, Chow envisions his Plant Friends having the ability to:

  • Monitor multiple plants.
  • Run on batteries.
  • Be low power, maybe having to swap each battery every 4-6 months.
  • Include an Android app.
  • Come with little to no maintenance.
  • Have an enclosure to organize and protect the electronics.


To accomplish this, Chow…

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