Building a DIY Enigma machine wristwatch

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Maker creates a fully-functioning, self-contained Enigma machine that you can wear on your wrist.

Though the jury may still be out when it comes to widespread smartwatch adoption, you can’t help but want to adorn your wrist with this DIY project. Designed by Maker “Asciimation” the Enigma wristwatch is a fully-functional, self-contained device that replicates the original machine, which was used to cipher secret messages in the 20th century. Early version had been commercially available starting in the early 1920s, and adopted by military and government services of several countries.


Inspired by a recent trip to Bletchley Park, home of the WW2 code breakers, the Maker decided to build his own three-rotor Enigma machine and housed it in a wristwatch.

“To cut a long story short my aim is to recreate a Bombe using Orwell, the little 8-bit computer I have built. In order to know how a Bombe works you need to know how an Enigma machine works (and is used). And the best way…

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