Christian Freedom! by Brian Webb, Introduction

Christian Freedom! is all about showing the misconceptions of the perception of God in our daily life so you can live free of man’s Government and the bondage of Law and Sin. If you are in bondage, how can you be free? Jesus didn’t come to put you back under the bondage of sin, the chains of the law, but to free you to be righteous before God. So why would you serve a new master, or false god, called government.

I don’t care whose government it is, it is all an enslavement racket to place you under the thumb of a new master. Even under the law of the Old Testament, which could not be upheld by man due to his weakness, in which Jesus Christ called out the laws of the Old Testament to the crowds again and again, which he would challenge them with idea such as: The one of you who as not sinned, throw the first stone; and Shall we do evil on the sabbath day? Though I am paraphrasing, the message is clear, the law was a teacher, to point out sin, and only the perfectly sinless of us could pass judgment. Well that is none of us by the flesh. I will cover more on this in Chapter 4: The Prophesy of the Law, and how it was fulfilled.

In here I will reintroduce you to God, reveal the purpose of the laws, expose the path to righteousness, and finally show that your dependence on government is idolatry, lastly I will expose the heart of God when it comes to revealing what people consider evil acts of God, by giving you a glimpse of his point of view. Every support for government that we have ever been exposed to in the scriptures have been a lie, a mistranslation, or ignoring that man had failed to understand that they can just come to God at any time.

God is not a man that he should think as a man, nor is he consulting with us for our plans, but he is eternal that we may live freely as we are provided freely. This world is a part of what was provided freely.

Please note that I separate the distinction between the terms God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This isn’t to make any denominational distinction, but because there are sections of the scriptures that make that distinction clearly. So it is a safe assumption that we are to do so to correctly understand the scriptures. Also note that the word trinity does not exist in the scriptures, as it is a modern word to try to describe the nature and relationship of these spiritual aspects. As I am a Minister of Christ, and preach Christ Crucified, I won’t be discussing or attempting to describe any aspect of the trinity. It is simple enough to state that the divinity nature of the whole Christ was defined and declared before the foundation of the world, but was made known through the results of actions of the Lamb of God, and His prophets. I fear that any more discussion of this from me would tread on accidental idolatry, and must be avoided by me for this book. My exception is the covering of the materials in Chapter 7 section: Even the Christ Child, Jesus.

Lastly, I will be using both King James Version (KJV) and New American Standard Bible NASB translations. NASB is used in many research documents, which is also why I use it here. However, you can assume that I also use the Strong’s and Young’s Concordances, and the Stephen’s Textus Receptus (1550) among other books, to try to make sure my work is both complete and reliable. However, I expect that if you

are going to take time to read this that you will also take time to check my accuracy. Questions and feedback are highly welcomed.

Christian Freedom! 2015-2-1

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