Tessel 2 is a $35 development platform for the IoT

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Tessel 2 is an affordable, accessible and robust dev platform that lets Makers build connected hardware devices.

The Technical Machine crew recently announced their latest Wi-Fi board for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). The Tessel 2 packs a number of new features, including extremely reliable Wi-Fi, an Ethernet jack, a pair of USB ports, and a system that runs real Node.js/io.js. Beyond that, they have added support for scaling up.


“The Tessel platform was created to abstract away the initial hurdles of hardware development. Tessel opens up connected device development to people who want to build embedded devices, but don’t have the time to start with Ohm’s law and work their way up,” Technical Machine writes. “Tessel 2 takes the promise of Tessel 1, adds features and a path to production, and cuts the cost in half.”

Tessel 2’s predecessor was designed to be an extremely expedited way to devise prototypes through high-level languages, plug-and-play extensibility…

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