This Arduino-based device notifies you of an external IP address change

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Maker uses Arduino with an Ethernet shield to send you an email whenever your external IP address changes. 

A Maker by the name of “Bayres” has devised a pretty slick project using an Arduino with an Ethernet shield that is capable of obtaining an external IP address of your Internet connection and then notifying you of any changes by email.


The idea was first conceived after his father bought a video camera system to remotely monitor their rural property. Unfortunately, given the area, the only reasonable Internet connection that he was able to get was DSL. As you can imagine, the service wasn’t too stable which caused the external IP address to fluctuate quite frequently. Once this happened, there was no way to know what the address was changed to and no way to access the camera system unless he had local access to the network.

“I looked into DDNS services but most require a client running on a PC 24/7. This is undesirable because of power consumption and if the power goes…

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