The 2015 Hackaday Prize calls hackers to save the world

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Atmel is a proud sponsor of this year’s contest that looks to ‘make’ a difference in our world.

Want to go to space or grab $196,883? How does $100,000 and a 6-month residency sound? These and hundreds of other prizes await those who ideate and build something that matters, or as we like to put it, literally ‘make’ a difference.


Last year, our friends at Supplyframe launched the first-ever Hackaday Prize,​ a competition designed to drive innovation in connected hardware around the Internet of Things. After proving to be a roaring success, the contest received entries from 55 countries, awarded over $350,000 in prizes, and saw the creation of hundreds of truly excellent open hardware projects — many of which were Atmel powered, may we add.

When all was said and done, the winning submission was a global open-source network of ground stations from a team of 10 Makers led by Pierros Papadeas. The SatNOGS project

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