LoFi is a low-power, low-cost way to connect sensors to the Internet

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LoFi is a small, affordable, auto-transmitting module that Makers can attach to any appliance or project.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things, it’s only a matter of time before the walls of homes are adorned with smart gadgetry and nearly everything around us are laden with sensors. However, the price point of these devices keep many out of reach for a vast majority of consumers. Not to mention, there are countless third-party transceiver modules and data loggers available on the market today that are still a bit pricey and tend to complicated to deploy in volume.


In an effort to solve this conundrum, Maker David Cook has devised a readymade, self-transmitting module that enables hobbyists and hackers alike to add wireless connections to any appliance or DIY project in a much more affordable, less power manner. A user simply needs to attach the aptly-dubbed LoFi to circuit points or sensors throughout a home or garden, and its acquired data can be relayed to either a PC…

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