Synthino XM is a 5-note polyphonic MIDI synthesizer

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This MIDI synthesizer is ideal for any musician or Maker looking to create some grooves.

In collaboration with Alex Dyba of GetLoFi, Michael Krumpus has launched the Synthino XM, an open-source, five-note polyphonic synthesizer packed with a four-track sequencer and other unique features running on the versatile ATxmega128A4U MCUCurrently live on Kickstarter, the device boasts a fun, aesthetically-pleasing user interface with just enough buttons and knobs to let users change parameters on-the-fly, while all of its electronics are housed in a laser-cut frosted acrylic box.


The gadget is equipped a 1/4” output jack that not only works with headphones, but serves as a line output for recording and direct connection to a standard guitar amplifier. With its standard five-pin MIDI input jack, users can easily plug-in any standard MIDI keyboard, interface, sequencer or drum machine to control the Synthino XM. Arguably one of, if not, the most exciting features has to be its integration of MIDI over Mini USB, which enables any model device with MIDI…

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