Hackabot Nano is an Arduino-based robotics kit

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Now anyone can build a robot quickly and easily with this DIY platform.

Have you always wished that you could build your own robot, yet messy wiring and difficult-to-follow schematics deterred you from doing so? Well, you’re in luck. Inspired by a local meetup group, San Jose Maker Thomas Lee has launched a compact plug-and-play Arduino-based robot on Kickstarter.


Through his aptly-named Hackabot NanoLee hopes to enable do-it-yourselfers of all ages and skill levels to build a feature-rich bot without all of the hassles. Users simply connect the motors, plug in the sensors, attach the controller and then can begin programming. For those not quite code-savvy, the kit also comes with sample programs to help ease the process. Meanwhile, a free Android app is currently in development, which will even allow young ones to tinker with and navigate the robot via a smartphone or tablet.

Among the bots that can be constructed is “Speedy,” a two-wheel-drive gizmo ideal for flat and smooth surfaces like a desk, hardwood floor or a kitchen table. This makes it…

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