Video news app Haystack wants to be the CNN for cord cutters


Netflix is for dramas, Hulu Plus to catch up on broadcast TV shows — but where do cord cutters turn for new coverage? That’s a question that Ish Harshawat struggled with himself after giving up on cable a few years ago. In 2013, he and a friend decided to build a solution: The news clip aggregation app Haystack aims to be a kind of CNN for cord cutters, stitching together a personalized and continuous stream of clips from a variety of sources.

Haystack first launched its Android app a year ago and quickly followed up with an iPad app that offered much of the same functionality optimized for a slightly bigger screen: Upon first launch, Haystack asks users to select topics they are interested in as well as confirm their location. Haystick then generates a playlist of timely videos that starts auto-playing, with an option for users to delete upcoming…

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