Lyft launches $3 carpool rides in certain “hot spots”


If you were sad when Lyft’s “Match Muni” promotion ended, today is your day.

The company has introduced a new kind of ride discount in San Francisco: Lyft HotSpots. So far, it has designated four intersections in popular parts of town. If you order a Lyft Line at one of the “HotSpots” and take it within the designated area — most of San Francisco proper — your ride will only cost $3.

It’s a creative premise. Lyft wants as many people as possible learning to use its Lyft Line feature because that makes the carpooling more efficient. But it couldn’t charge Muni’s price of $2.25 for all Lyft Lines forever. With a HotSpot promo, Lyft has introduced a more sustainable way to grow its carpool business.

Not everyone will be able to order from these intersections — after all, four intersections in a large city is pretty limiting. Those who are already…

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