Breach Brief: Mandarin Oriental hotels hit with massive data breach

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Credit card hackers are at it again, this time stealing information from Mandarin Oriental hotel guests.

Luxury hotel chain Mandarin Oriental has confirmed that a number of its hotels were subject to a major security breach, and hackers have made off with guests’ credit card information.


What happened? A number of fraudulent charges began appearing on credit card accounts, and cybersecurity blog Krebs on Security reported that banking industry sources said the hotel was the common factor for many. The cybersecurity news website revealed that point-of-sale terminals were infected with malware capable of stealing card details from restaurants and other businesses located within the hospitality establishments, not so much the front desk.

Who was affected? A majority of Mandarin Oriental’s 24 locations worldwide, ranging from Shanghai to Barcelona, may have been subject to the cyberattack, but the report claims most, if not all, of the chain’s U.S. establishments — including New York, Washington, D.C., Boston and Las Vegas — were likely impacted.

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