Your Android phone is about to get better with this update


One of the ways Google keeps Android fresh on a regular basis is by updating Google Play Services on handsets. This approach helps reduce fragmentation because it brings new features to both new and old Android phones without a full software update. And Google is doing that again, rolling out version 7 of Google Play Services to phones this week.

In a post on the Google Android Developer blog, the company outlined a few of the improvements that you’ll see with Google Play Services 7.0, provided developers take advantage of them. Here are a few new tidbits you’ll see soon in [company]Google[/company] Android apps.

Location Settings Dialog Android

There’s a new location check, for example, with apps that use your proximity. Before this update, an app would check to see what locations settings you chose, i.e.: Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and/or GPS. If you wanted to change that in-app, you really couldn’t. Instead, to enable…

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