What you need to know about Intel’s new mobile chips


Intel announced its plans for 2015 at Mobile World Congress on Monday and one of its bigger announcements is that its long-awaited mobile-focused system on a chip will ship in devices before the end of the year. As more smartphones start to be powered by Intel-designed silicon, here’s what you need to know:

What they’ll be called

Intel announced that its mobile product branding will match its Core desktop processor branding, with various tiers labeled with x3, x5, and x7 model numbers. Intel previously referred to its mobile SoC as SoFIA, which was a codename. When it ships, it will be sold under the Atom X3 moniker.


The similarly named Atom X7 and the Atom X5 are different chips, without integrated radios, and with a much different focus. The Atom X5 and Atom X7 will probably land in tablets and laptops, not smartphones, running “full Windows and Android.” They figure…

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