Using Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the AWS .NET API Part 5: cluster-related code

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes


In the previous post we looked at some basic Hive and Hadoop commands. We created a database for the URLs and a table which stores URLs and response times. Finally we executed an aggregation function on the table data and stored the results in another table.

So far in this series we haven’t seen any C# code. It’s time to rectify that. We’ll see a couple of cluster-related examples such as finding the clusters and starting a new one.

Note that we’ll be concentrating on showing and explaining the technical code examples related to AWS. We’ll ignore software principles like SOLID and layering so that we can stay focused. It’s your responsibility to organise your code properly. There are numerous posts on this blog that take up topics related to software architecture.

Installing the SDK

The Amazon .NET SDK is available through NuGet. Open Visual Studio 2012/2013 and create…

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