Alligator Board is a next-gen, ATSAM3X8E-based 3D printer controller

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Could the Alligator be the most advanced 3D printing board ever developed? 

Over the last couple of years, the DIY community has experienced a proliferation of RepRap 3D printers. As the possible number of machines continues to grow, as does the need for more open-source control boards — many of which built around Atmel | SMART and AVR microcontrollers.


Adding to the growing list of 3D printer electronics is a new Indiegogo project from a Perugia, Italy startup. First seen back at Maker Faire Rome 2014, the Alligator Board was designed to serve as a complete and reliable solution for those seeking RepRap 3D printer control modules. It is based on the Atmel | SMART ATSAM3X8EA, which represents a big step towards greater computing power, compared to existing solutions driven by 8-bit MCUs. This product is well-suited for any standard 3D printer, particularly Delta models requiring more complex data computation.

The Alligator features both the native…

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