One positive from Superfish: Less bloatware on Lenovo’s new PCs


Lenovo’s credibility took a big hit this month, courtesy of the Superfish scandal: Pre-installed adware on Lenovo computers resulted in a risk to user privacy and security. The company has since apologized but is now going an extra step, bringing some solace from the incident. Lenovo says it will vastly reduce the amount of bloatware on its computers, going forward.

Lenovo ThinkPad X250

The no.1 PC maker in worldwide sales issued a statement on Friday with the news, and says it plans to be the leader of safer and cleaner computers:

We are starting immediately, and by the time we launch our Windows 10 products, our standard image will only include the operating system and related software, software required to make hardware work well (for example, when we include unique hardware in our devices, like a 3D camera), security software and Lenovo applications.  This should eliminate what our industry calls “adware” and “bloatware.”…

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