Game:ref is an Arduino-based anti-cheat device for online gaming

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Can this device eliminate software-based cheats in competitive gaming?

When it comes to multi-player video games, cheating has always been a bit annoying. While these tricks are simply a nuisance at the most recreational levels, it has become part of much bigger problem with even bigger stakes at the eSports echellon. In an effort to curb these occurrences in tournament settings, software engineer David Titarenco has developed what he calls Game:ref, the world’s first hardware-based, anti-cheat device.


You may recall back in 2007, a pair of Intel engineers devised a hardware-based anti-cheat system dubbed “Fair Online Gaming” with similar aspirations as Titarenco. However, this research project never came to fruition, and so, this Maker has set out to finish what Intel started.

How it works is relatively simple. Game: ref is capable of identifying mouse-based gaming cheats, ranging from auto-clicking to aimbots, typically seen in FPS, MOBA, RTS and other competitive games. The anti-cheat device connects to both the mouse and the PC, and is a deceptively…

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