What Is HTTP/2 and Why Should You Care About It?

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Kaleigh Rogers writes at Motherboard:

Earlier this week, the internet got some good news that has the potential to make the web a whole lot faster.

Mark Nottingham, the chair of the HTTP Working Group at the Internet Engineering Task Force announced o​n his blog that HTTP/2 has been approved and its specifications will soon be published. It’s exciting news for the team that has been developing the new application protocol for years.

But the average internet user probably has no idea what any of this is all about. I didn’t, really, so I tracked down Nottingham and asked him to help break it down for me so we can all partake in this nerdy internet celebration together.

What follows is a beginner’s guide to what HTTP/2 is, what it will do, and why you should care:


It stands for hypertext transfer protocol and…

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