It’s Time for Intelligence Agencies to Shut the Hell Up About Encryption

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Jason Koebler has had enough, obviously. He writes on Motherboard:

The NSA and Britain’s GCHQ have compromised the bulk of the world’s smartphones, hacking the world’s most successful SIM card manufacturer and stealing untold millions of encryption keys, giving the agencies total access to, potentially, any given phone call and text message sent between two human beings on Earth, according tonewly released top secret documents obtained by Edward Snowden and reported on by The Intercept.

The NSA has also apparently found a way of ​creating undetectable backdoors in consumer hard drives around the world, backdoors that can ​decrypt data and funnel it back to the agency. So, maybe it’s time to take American intelligence agencies’ complaints about the difficulty of breaking encryption a little less seriously.

In recent months, the NSA, Justice Department and FBI have said that the prevalence of encryption have created a…

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