These 3D-printed shoes are robotic and can adapt to your feet

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Will SOLS ADAPTIV be the future of footwear?

You may remember SOLS from last year, when the company debuted its 3D-printed corrective orthotics line. The New York City-based startup enabled users to scan of their feet using a smartphone app and submit the images directly to its database, thereby reducing the time required for the production process. More recently, the team has debuted their vision of “Instant Adaptability” footwear in a project they call ADAPTIV.


First launched during NBA All-Star Weekend, ADAPTIV is a 3D-printed piece of footwear that utilizes a system of embedded gyroscopes and pressure sensors that circulate air pressure and fluids throughout the shoe to support and adapt to a body’s every movement. Offering users complete customization, athletes and fashionistas alike will have the ability to minimize injury and color coordinate with any ensemble.

The high-tops are equipped with 3D-printed insoles inside, as well as air pockets to precisely tailor the fit and provide ultimate flexibility with every step. The futuristic boots themselves are comprised of a shell that…

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