Producing a sonohaptical experience with Arduino

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A 3-axis machine controlled by finger movements makes for a unique touch and sound performance.

The collaboration of Jakub Koźniewski and Dmitry Morozov (who you may know as ::vtol::) have devised a slick audio-tactile project that they call The FingerThe mechanism, which performed at the recent MusicMakers Hacklab at the 2015 CTM Festival in Berlin, is comprised of two parts.


First, Koźniewski designed a 3-axis machine dubbed Sonohaptic. This device brings together both tactile sensations and sound by moving its robotic head equipped with a piezo sensor along the arm of the wearer, picking up tiny vibrations and translating them into some sci-fi-like tunes.


Meanwhile, One-Finger is a wireless controller created by ::vtol:: that enables sound production through the use of a finger equipped with a number of components. The wearable contraption is embedded with various sensors (bend, sonar, tilt and pulse), a Nord Modular G2, an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), as well as a Bluetooth module for communication.


When the pair is combined, a user can control the Sonohaptic through finger movements as it…

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