hitchBOT kicks off its German adventure

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

The friendly hitch-hiking robot is back. This time it’s headed for the Autobahn.

After completing its three-week, 3,700-miles trek across Canada last summer, the hitchhiking-robot named hitchBOT has returned. This time it’s headed for the autobahn. The friendly device, which relies entirely on the kindness of strangers and its tablet-and-Arduino brains, has kicked off its latest 10-day adventure through Germany.


hitchBOT is outfitted with a rubber hitchhiking hand, speech recognition software, and even its own Wi-Fi network that it uses to offer regionally-specific tidbits of information that it picks up along the way. This allows it to engage in conversation, send tweets and even engage in a game of trivia. In fact, the Atmel based device is programmed to explain itself to those who decide to pick it up, and can ask to be plugged in to keep its battery charged. While its German skills are a bit limited, it does know enough to get by and can share a conversation around his hobbies, including soccer, hockey…

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