Next Week, World Leaders Will Meet to Talk About How Much They Hate Encryption

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Governments around the world are pushing an unprecedented attack on privacy, an attack made in ignorance of how encryption works. Somehow, politicians seem to believe that encryption can be crippled ONLY for government use, and criminals and state enemies will not exploit weaknesses built into encryption: only lawful authorities will be able to do that. This is an amazing level of ignorance, but it reflects the desire politicians have of somehow satisfying everyone.

Kari Paul reports at Motherboard:

​Everyone from the FBI and the ​Justice Department to top ​European politicians have recently set their sights on ending encryption. Increasingly, it’s looking like world leaders are going to make moves to crack down on it at the upcoming global security summit in Washington, where President Obama ​has invited allies to counteract “violent extremism” in light of recent terror attacks.

Apple and Google made encryption more popular than ever with the decision…

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