Cheetah 3.1 is 10 times faster than other 3D printers

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

A big machine for big ideas! This 3D printer creates objects you wouldn’t normally see from others on the market today.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen some pretty impressive 3D-printed creations from Hans Fouche. Now, the Maker has launched a new style of his popular 3D printer called the Cheetah 3.1 that is capable of producing objects that you wouldn’t normally see come out of a desktop FFF-based device.


In essence, Cheetah is basically a gigantically-scale model of a traditional desktop printer and works in much the same way as any other Atmel based RepRap derivative with two key differences: it uses plastic pellets as its raw feedstock and extrudes 10 times faster than others. A typical desktop 3D printer might take four or five hours to print an ordinarily-sized object, for example. Yet, Cheetah only required that amount of time to construct an entire lawnmower.

From a fully-functioning vacuum to a trendy pair of shoes, Fouche has been able to create a list of impressive designs thanks to the Cheetah’s…

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