Node.js is getting its own open-source, independent foundation

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! You don’t know how long I have been waiting for this.
I’ll talk about why in another article soon.


Node.js, the popular server-side JavaScript framework, is getting its own open-source foundation and will no longer be governed by Joyent, the cloud-infrastructure provider plans to announce on Tuesday. It should take around two to three months before the foundation is formally established, and until then, Joyent will remain the corporate steward of the Node.js open-source project, according to Joyent.

The new Node.js Foundation — which will include the founding members of Joyent, [company]IBM[/company], [company]Paypal[/company], [company]Microsoft[/company], Fidelity and The Linux Foundation — is the next logical step after the establishment of the Node.js advisory board in October 2014 and it will help take the load off of Joyent’s plate. Joyent has been the corporate steward of the Node.js project for the last five years, explained Joyent CEO Scott Hammond.

Node.js is typically used to build low-latency applications, which are the type of apps that can gather and exchange data between the…

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