Box’s new service lets users hold on to their own encryption keys


It’s only been a few weeks since Box went public, but the file-sync company with a work-collaboration bent is rolling out a new encryption-key feature to entice big-name companies like the General Electrics of the world who are hesitant to jump to the cloud for security reasons.

Called Box Enterprise Key Management (EKM), the new tool basically allows for users to have full control of their encryption keys while still being able to use the [company]Box[/company] platform. Box will be working with customers to install an encryption appliance from the company SafeNet called a hardware security module (HSM) in both their on-premise data centers as well as in Amazon Web Services, according to a Box blog post by CEO Aaron Levie.

Each file that a customer sends over to his or her Box account gets a unique key “for each version of the file,” which Box then shoots over…

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