Using Amazon DynamoDb with the AWS .NET API Part 6: queries

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes


In the previous post we looked at how to delete and update records in Amazon DynamoDb. In this post we’ll investigate how to run queries against the data set in a DynamoDb table. Like in the two posts before this we’ll look at the document and data models separately.

We’ll extend the DynamoDbDemo console application in Visual Studio.

I’ve inserted a couple more records into the demo DynamoDb table in preparation for the queries:

Records in DynamoDb ready for queries

There’s an important distinction between a “query” and a “scan” in DynamoDb. A query is a search by ID. All query-searches where you omit the ID parameter and try to run a search by other parameters will result in an exception. Searches based on parameters other than the ID are scan operations. An ID-based query is a lot faster as each record is guaranteed to have non-null ID field(s) and the IDs are indexed. As…

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