US law enforcement is broken

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For example, look at this collection of links from Radley Balko in the Washington Post. Just a few:

  • Georgia’s pardon board is stacked with law-and-order appointees and cloaked in secrecy.
  • After whistleblowers expose stunning instances of abuse, Florida prison officials crack down . . . on whistleblowers.
  • In many jurisdictions, including New York State, simply determining the names of officers involved in fatal shootings can be a struggle.”
  • Missouri’s attorney general announces a lawsuit against 13 St. Louis County municipalities for exceeding the amount of revenue they’re legally allowed to get from traffic fines.
  • A bipartisan bill in Minnesota would prohibit police agencies from investigating their own officer-involved shootings. . .

The last one listed (there are more at the link) is very important: no organization is good at investigating itself. I am sure police departments will vehemently oppose it: if they can do their own investigations, then all…

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