This fan helps deal with ethical dilemmas

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The Internet of Ethical Things? 

Created by Simone Rebaudengo and Matthieu Cherubini, Ethical Things is a project that explores the effects of autonomous systems of the future as they head increasingly towards complex algorithms aimed at solving situations requiring some form of moral reasoning. The Makers speculate how these algorithms may not only be concerned with decisions we can’t solve, but more so, what happens to the mundane and insignificant objects that occupy everyday lives?


“Soon, ‘smart’ objects might also need to have moral capacities as ‘they know too much’ about their surroundings to take a neutral stance. Indeed, with fields such as home automation, ambient intelligence or the Internet of Things, objects of our everyday lives will have more and more access to a multitude of data about ourselves and our environment,” the duo writes.

Even when faced with as simple situations, the level of complexity of products cannot accommodate all parties. The system will be designed to take into account…

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