You can now access Chromebooks remotely from other computers


Although Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are relatively limited compared to traditional desktop platforms, the devices always had a bit of workaround. Using the Chrome Remote Desktop app, you can tap into a Mac, Windows or Linux computer that has Chrome installed, giving you full access to files and apps. Now, one of the more often requested features is available to Chrome Remote Desktop: Remotely accessing one Chrome OS device from a computer that has Chrome installed.

Remote access from Mac to Chromebook

Google’s François Beaufort notes that the feature is currently only available if your Chrome OS computer is on the Developer channel; it hasn’t yet officially progressed to either the Beta or Stable channels of Chrome OS. Unlike other experimental features, there’s no need to enable a setting or flip a switch for remote access to work.

At first glance, it may sound like the new feature is unnecessary: Why would you want to remotely…

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