Have game companies given up on story lovers?

Some of the most exciting games: Titan Fall, Soon to be released Halo 5, and the Blizzard release of Overwatch, have all the same thing missing… A playable story. That is, if they do have one, they are not advertising it. Titan fall explicitly doesn’t have one.

Is this the next thing in gaming… arena games?

It isn’t new. Look at League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, and Heroes of the Storm. All are excellent games. I just hope that the days of multiplayer epic stories isn’t dead. If Blizzard ever released D4 s arena only, then I would call playable stories dead for the big guys. Tyrael forbid that should ever happen.

On the other hand, the large number of playable stories, and playable stories that keep getting expansions is amazing. WoW, and the other MMOs. X-COM, Watch Dogs, etc

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