Maybe I just cannot use reddit without a built in negative bias (Some rambling)

Every time I post to Reddit, I get trolled. It doesn’t matter what I post. It doesn’t matter if my material is good or not.

I am a Christian-libertarian. That means that I risk trolling from libertarians more than I ever do from statists. Why the fuck are libertarians trolling libertarians?

I know. There are plenty of “libertarians” out there who are trying to profit from feeding to the group. And another batch that feel that their message is greater than the person next to them.

It ain’t.

Liberty means freedom! Freedom includes free thought. If you are trolling libertarians, or you are hoarding the liberty message through use of copyright laws, then you are part of the problem.

Normally I would have gone a week in Reddit before I throw int he towel and delete my account. But this time, I am satisfied with just 2 hours.

Liberty Engineering was an open source program I started on GitHub a little while back. On there was an open source project that I was starting for the purpose of creating an open source social network. I think that once Christian Freedom is in full circulation, I am going to jump on that and make it a reality.

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