Review of Christian Freedom!

I got this email today! What an amazing review.

[…] I think you have done a great job of clarifying the purpose for the book in the introduction, and backed it up with solid truth from the Bible. Even though the subject matter would not compel me to pick up your book, again, simply because the subject is not a passion of mine, your introduction provided a clear purpose and left me interested in reading more. Victory!

In my opinion, you did a great job explaining how you would be representing the trinity in the book. I found it to be clear, made sense, and was non-offensive denominationally.

As to the body of your work all I can say is… Wow! God has blessed you with abundant knowledge in this area, and it shows. I appreciate your writing style, because it is easy for the simpleton such as I, and yet, I believe it will also appeal to the more cerebral audience.

Chris Clark
CEO/Founder/The SMART

Download your copy at Christian Freedom! 2015-2-1

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