Mistletoe-bearing restaurant drone draws blood


Last month we wondered about what could possibly go wrong with TGI Friday’s plan to fly mistletoe-bearing drones over customers in some  restaurants. Now we know.

A photographer for a Brooklyn newspaper is apparently an early casualty, saying the drone blade clipped her nose during a photo shoot at TGIF’s Sheepshead Bay location, according to this report.

A TGIF spokeswoman downplayed safety concerns, telling the paper that the drones will remain beyond the reach of diners. In this case, the drone operator said he was maneuvering the craft to land on the photographer’s arm with her permission but she flinched as it got close.

The restaurant chain tried out the drones in some of its UK locations before bringing them stateside for this holiday promotion.

FAA regulations govern the use of drones in the outdoors, but I would assume their operation inside a business establishment would be subject to workplace safety rules and regulations. Or, private…

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