Youbionic will let you 3D print your own prosthetic hand

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

While we have seen some pretty amazing 3D-printed prosthetics in recent weeks, including the likes of Iron Man and Wolverine, none may be as impressive as the Youbionic hand. Developed by Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, the white plastic hand is equipped with multi-colored wires attached to an electronic switchboard, powered by an Arduino Micro (ATmega32U4).


Going one step further than the average prosthetic, the hand works through a series of sensors and actuator motors, controlled by the Arduino board. By attaching electrodes to the muscles of the remaining part of an amputee’s arm, the device is capable of reading impulses and then translating them into commands to drive the motors — albeit a 3D-printed plastic hand.


As the Maker tells Digital Trendsthe electrical impulses differ in strength, which converts into various contractions and movements — lower impulses result in smaller movements, higher impulses in larger ones.

“Youbionic is a device made to just simplify people’s lives while also enabling them to…

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