Common.js – A collection of my most used public scripts, consolidated into one place.


There are two goals here.

  1. Bring older browsers up to modern JavaScript compatibility. I have a lot more work to do here for that.
  2. To make this the most useful library for Angular.js Users, outside of Modernizr.
    1. If you use Modernizr, then you know that a library like this is just what you need.

The following are from the Prototype collection found on

  1. Array.filter()
  2. Array.find()
  3. Array.findOrNull()
  4. Array.findIndex()
  5. String.fromCodePoint()
  6. String.codePointAt()
  7. String.contains()
  8. String.endsWith()
  9. String.startsWith()
  10. String.trim()
  12. Object.setPrototypeOf()
  13. Number.parseFloat()
  14. JSON //this is for the Parse and Stringify functions.

The following are from a collection of code that I have found, modified, or just wrote outright.

  1. String.format(), you can also use “string”.format(). Follows the .NET String.Format()
  2. clone(obj) Returns a clone of the object.
  3. newGuid(postback, url, count) Get the GUIDs from the server. Assumes you have a restful Guid generator API.
  4. Digest($scope) Angular Specific Digest() Command. The difference between this and the Apply, is that I don’t needlessly hit your console.log with information.
  5. XPath by Cybozu Labs, Inc. (MIT Lic.)
  6. JSONPath 0.8.0 – XPath for JSON Stefan Goessner ( (MIT Lic.).

A lot more is coming

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