State of free speech

A TX Mayer wants copies of all free speech speeches from ministers. Federal government restricts free speech around government events. Police establish free speech zones near events that they are about to violate constitutional rights and criminal laws. Cops try to take phones away, saying you cannot film us. CA votes on a law allowing cell phones to be forcibly shut down when near a government sponsored crime (event).

If you still don’t see us in a police state, then you never will.

When was the last time you could do business with someone freely, without having to assume that they are certified by the state? When was the last time you tried to compete with a government backed monopoly? When was the last time you tried to self prescribe and self medicate? Seek advice from an uncertified person? Cross the border? Buy raw milk? Keep your income? Choose your inoculations for your children? Choose to be of the grid? Try to own your own property? Grow your own food? Share your own experience? Share your own life? Be your own owner?

Here is the epitome of this slave state. You cannot buy a CPAP machine without a prescription, and approval. For those of you who don’t know what a CPAP machine is, its a low pressure air pump. If you open one up, it looks like the same fan that is in your bathroom exhaust. However, because of the medical monopolies, and the FDA stranglehold on maintaining these monopolies, you cannot just buy one off the shelf, and tweak its pressure to your needs. Noooo…. You have to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a sleep study, then spend a grand or two on a machine, which you could probably build yourself for a couple hundred dollars. Then we can see that the reason for these prices, is that the sleep centers have a monopoly, and the few equipment manufacturers don’t have enough competition. Why? Because of regulations from the FDA on both the sleep study certifications, and the FDA regulations requirements of the equipment manufacturers.

“But, its a medical device, of course it is going to be strongly regulated.”

Again, it is a glorified fan. Take an exhaust fan from Home Depot, Put a dust filter on the intake. Put a speed control on the power. Make an adapter on the output, and voila!, you have a CPAP machine. If you want to be really fancy, buy a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and plug it into that device. Then you have a CPAP that will run for a while, even when you lose power.

You are a slave. You may argue with me, but try to build a home without permission from the state, have a front yard garden, or burn a flag. Your master, this false god called government, and it’s death cult, have enslaved you, and will remind you of your enslavement when you disagree.

They will find you. They will cage you. They will beat and kill you. You are their property, unless you learn to resist.

Read FREEDOM!, from

If you see me in person, you can ask me for a copy. I try to have several with me at all times.

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