How badly are we betraying ourselves? #Freedom!

This is in no means a small question. Someone who finds you and wants to work for you for free so they can learn something from you in exchange. So you take them on.

Now the labor board says, “sorry but that is illegal.” If you follow the labor board, you are being obedient to a master who has claimed illicit rights over you. Meaning they have claimed to own your right to free exchange with another person. It doesn’t matter why they have claimed such right. Maybe they think you or the person you are doing business with are not smart enough to do business without their interference. Maybe they are trying to keep your operating expense high enough that you cannot compete with other companies. Or worst yet, they are creating a monopoly by making it harder for people to enter the work force to do what you do, by keeping practical job skills out of the hands of a less experienced person.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason. If I made this agreement with another consenting adult, then there is no room for a third party arbiter, unless there is a disagreement with our terms after we have entered contract. But that is why there are arbiters and civilian courts. There is no reason for a legislative enslavement of free enterprise on this.

So if you tell the labor board to go shove it, because you decide that their claim to interfere with your business is illegitimate. You now have a problem. They will now exert the claim of the use of force against what was normally a purely voluntary transaction. So again, the government has claimed authority in a purely mutually beneficial transaction, that has now been declared criminal by a authoritarian force that has no legitimacy over your transaction, except that a few people with paper and ink have claimed that they do have such legitimacy.

Of course, you could have suspended the agreement with the person you had contract with, and decided to fight for the right to hold contract outside of the jurisdiction of the labor department. This will cost you a lot of time and money. You will probably lose. And depending on where you live, and the bias of the media, the reputation you gain could destroy your business. Worst yet, you are not acknowledging the legitimacy of the government by using their courts to fight them, and their legislators. You are now exercising your position as their slave.

Back to the original thread, they come back with a warrant, and some men in matching costumes to fine and possibly arrest you. Why? Well because you defied them, you are now considered a criminal by their rules. Mind you, you have done nothing morally wrong here. You have not stolen a thing. You have no broken a physical thing. You have not harmed a person. But, because you have stood against them, you are now a criminal. Again, the false master has exerted himself against you, and declared you to be his slave.

If you concede, you will be fined, and you will probably be taken away. This is slave justice. Meaning it isn’t justice, but more enslavement.

So if you resist, you will be physically assaulted, and even killed. Check out Cop Block. There are plenty of cases where police are violent and murderous for no reason.

But lets say you decide to fight the arrest in court. Even here, you have a few options.

  1. See if you can sway a group of people who now have false authority over you, to see that the law is unjust, and try to get them to over turn the law.
  2. Use legalese mumbo jumbo to try to set some level of precedence that this case should be dismissed on some technicality, or former case study.
  3. Take a stand.

What I mean by that, is that you make it clear that you do not recognize the authority of the labor department to decide that your private contract is invalid. You extend that by stating that since there was no harm provided against any persons, and there was no theft, or damages, with the possible exception of what the costumed thugs have provided, that you do not recognize the authority of the court.

However, if you do this, you have only one action left. State clearly that all actions against you will be considered an aggression against your free persons, and since you are not a slave to the state or any entity of the state, then you will exercise the right to self defense.

This is why I am writing this, because if you bring this to its logical conclusion, your last words are going to have to be, “If this court is going to continue in this amoral transaction, then by its own logical conclusion, it must execute me here and now, or let me go. If I am a slave to the state, then a slave must be made an example of. If I am a free man, then I must be let go with no further hindrance.”

Now, I am a bold man, but even I cannot tell you if I am bold enough to take this to its logical conclusion, and I hope the day never comes where I will have to find out.

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