18 CSS3 Generators For Quicker UI Styling

Good collection of CSS refs.


All the fancy effects you see on the web are no longer done with background images and archaic techniques. CSS3 is starting to be supported in every possible browser, mobile devices and even IE 7+ if you know how to do some tricks. The effects used in these generators range from gradient generators to easy shadows, text styling and border radius. CSS is a tough language, so why not relying on a time-saving tool for beginners or rushed developers who have no time to remember that using negative values on the borders can lead to an arrow. Check out the following sites and use them to create even more amazing sites, but be careful, bloating your CSS files will slow down your page loading time, don’t abuse, recycle, use SASS and stay cool. To open the site click on its title or correspondent image, bookmark if you want, comment…

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