Do you understand liberty? I doubt it.

Some of you can give me the correct definition of liberty, while others give me solid examples. However most of you willingly support your own enslavement, and even defend it. Why?

Sometimes the devil lets us preside in our own jail cell, with the door wide open, knowing that he has made it so comfortable that we don’t want to step out to experience freedom!

What are these jail cells?

  • The illusion of protection,
  • The illusion of a safety net,
  • The illusion of a nanny for use who are to be called adults

Every man is to defend himself first from the aggression from other men. That isn’t to say to go around an kill everyone. That is to say that do right to one another, so that you know that you are not provoking a negative response.

Ever man has the right to think freely, and as a fruit of such thoughts, speak freely. If you take the freedom to speak from a man, then you are imposing on his thought, and the thoughts of those about him. If his thought is hateful, turn from him. You have the right to associate with whom ever you choose. Choose to not associate with those that would promote cruelty and hate.

I want you to think about this, a man enters a bus that you are riding on, and promotes a hateful rhetoric. If the but was privately owned, then the owner has the right to boot the person from that bus. But as a public bus, that hateful person is also part owner, your choice is to either exit the bus, to assume your right to free thought. But unless he attacks you, you don’t have the right to attack him. If he is making it too hard to assume your right to free thought, and he is acting or promoting an action that is contrary to allowing your free thought, as long as it isn’t a physical threat to harm you, either toughen up, or move on.

However, we have decided to employ thugs, in uniforms, to enforce the will of mobs at the expense of both the mobs and the people being infringed upon. But what you fail to understand, is the fact that one gang can be persuaded to turn against the will of those that supported them via the few that claim the illegitimate right to rule over the masses because some mob voted them in. How in the fuck does a person get the right to rule over everyone when everyone didn’t elect to have them as their ruler.

We claim that there are laws that give these people rights, but in all reality, these are pieces of paper, originally written as a doctrine for our protection. However, now they have become holy parchments worshipped by the holy priests that call themselves lawyers, and written by profits called politicians, and defended by the temple guards called cops. The worshippers pay tribute with every transaction that they do, plus quarterly and annual service as proclaimed by the parchments of taxation. The greatest of these thefts is that the ability to reason has been robbed from these people, because they select their next priest and profit by tally every few years.

“I am your God, and there shall be none before me.” “I am your sufficiency, so do not turn from me.” People claim that I am injecting Christianity here, but these are the distilled words of a government. If you try to stand without government, as a free and beautiful person, the government is a jealous creature, and sends his temple guards to beat you into submission, submit you to a cage, or even kill you.  If you choose to be your own sufficiency, then the same jealous government attacks your earnings, your home, and again is willing to beat you into submission, cage you, or kill you.

I worship one God, and it is because everything that he could want from me, he provided it first to me. Government has provided nothing, but demands everything, including my thought and will. There is a devil, and he presides in the hearts and minds of men. He has grown powerful in the lusts of men who pursue the love of mammon, and power over men.

Every post I make, I make it with the assumption that it may be the last post of this free man. For tomorrow, those who claim the false authority to try to enslave me, may come to raid my home, and strip me of what little I have, for their bellies. Because they would rather dine on the bones of their slaves, rather than see that they are enslaved themselves.

A free man is not free, unless the one who he calls lord requires nothing. But if the lord provides nothing, then why is he lord? Why call any man lord unless he provides something. This is why I am a Christian, for my lord provided me the thing that no man of this world can provide.

But on that same note, no man of this world will ever be called lord by me, lest it is by ridicule. And I will ridicule the false priests and profits of the false god called government.

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