A bit about Freedom!

Adam Kokesh has, or is, in the process of retiring Adam Vs The Man. No that doesn’t mean that he is going off the air. It means that he is moving to his new calling “Freedom!”. You can call him Freedom! Adam, or Freedom!man. (Yes, I ran that together with the exclamation point jammed in there on purpose.)

So does this mean that Adam is going to be less confrontational? NO. It means, in his own words, he will be more confrontational, but with love.

My observation on this, is that he is going more Gandhi than before, but in your face Gandhi. Meaning, he is out to observe your chains, and help you let go of them, so that you are free of your bondage. This is a realistic road to a truly volunteeristic society.

Lets see Adam’s track record.

  • Confronted politicians on their flippant abuse of authority.
  • Confronted government officials on their assault on liberty.
  • Confronted minarchist to get them to understand that government is not right.
  • Confronted religious zealots, and sheep, to their beliefs. (Even confronted me. I enjoyed that.)
  • Confronts oxymoronic thought process
  • Confronts false icons of heroism and freedom
  • Confronts the agents against natural rights

Lets face it. Adam has been the most consistent person out there, when it comes to natural rights, civil liberties, and mental freedom.

So why is this theist, me, touting the benefits and philosophies of this atheist, Adam. Well, if you Christians would step up to the plate, and start realizing that both Government and the organized corporatized Church are both criminal in stealing liberty, then I would promote you too.

There is a reason that I am working on “Christian Freedom!” A Christian take on Adam’s book. I am stepping up to that plate that you spiritual leaders in the Christian world are not doing. God established a kingdom on this world only because We failed to trust God. And the governments failed. We should have learned that being ruled by man is a failure at that time. We begged for it, God reluctantly gave it to us, with a warning that crap would happen to us, and it did.

Jesus comes, and lives outside of the law. Not as a criminal, but at a free man. Showing us how to live outside of the law, and what happens, we turned to government, against him, and bam! We have a crucifixion. Mind you, this was foretold in Isaiah 52, and in Isaiah 53:12, and there is a benefit.

Therefore, I will allot Him a portion with the great,
And He will divide the booty with the strong;
Because He poured out Himself to death,
And was numbered with the transgressors;
Yet He Himself bore the sin of many,
And interceded for the transgressors.

Now, Adam Kokesh is no Jesus Christ. But as for what this world has to offer, he is a gem, and he does preach wisdom that is rarely found amongst men. I would equate much of his wisdom up there with the book of Ecclesiastes. Unfetter your mind first, and you will have more to gain. Though the divergence starts there. We keep our eye on God, for he is the source of all wisdom, and all life, where as a truly atheistic belief would be They don’t know, as explained by an atheist friend of mine.

God bless these people. As long as they don’t mind, or cause me headaches over my theism, I will never mind their atheism. Yes, I do wish they could accept Christ Jesus, but it is God who works in the hearts of men, not me. All I can do is be answerable to my beliefs, and answerable I will be.

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