My reply to the Hobby Lobby issue.

Any law passed to force you to provide a service, a good, or do an action, that without duress, you would not do yourself is called enslavement.

We hear that this is the “price” of doing business in the US, but what we learn is that those medical services that are not covered under insurance have progressed faster than those under insurance, and the equipment is more up to date. Just look at cosmetic eye surgery for vision correction. Cost down, quality up, and equipment is better. Why? Because for the most part government has stayed out of it.

Insurance companies  wrote Obamacare to enforce their monopoly. Insurance companies are charging more, as I predicted they would, and my deductible covers less. I also predicted that.

We complain that education is too expensive, so we subsidize education, so the schools discover new ways to charge more.

Government funded healthcare gets more money, however it also gets more patients who can no longer get coverage under private care. And the waiting time for the coverage is longer now. Why? Because of everything above, and the corruption that is naturally involved in services that you nearly cannot get fired from, or if you try to correct, you get charged with some made up crime when you were trying to be a good whistleblower.

The people who cherry pick the laws the most are the people who are in the government. Cops speed, shoot dogs, physically attack wheelchair people, and don’t get arrested. Senators take bribes, and who knows what else, and they don’t get kicked out of office or arrested. The president has a warrantless kill list, and unconstitutional no-fly list, and has a TSA that violates our 4th amendment rights regularly, and we are crying over Hobby Lobby deciding to draw a line.

Here is my point, before we cry about a 5% problem with a company who believes that they should not be coerced into paying for a good or service that they don’t believe that they should, and believe that they are not slaves to either a mob or government, we must address the 95% problem which is the government that IS the real criminal, that is re-recreating the police state of Hitler’s regime here in the US.

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