Why libertarians are harsher to other libertarians

Big A Libertarian LogoWhy are libertarians, and anarchist libertarians, harsher to other libertarians, and anarchist libertarians, over statist groups like conservatives or progressives?

The answer is simple. Good steel is the best tool to sharpen good steel. To remove the bur from a sharp edge, you need a surface that is as strong as, or stronger than the edge that you are removing the bur from.

As much as I may come down as either a nice guy, or an ass, it is only for one thing, to remove the shackles of the mental conformity that we have been taught since near birth.

However, a good sharpening stone, or honing rod, has more than one side to it. That means that it can be right, but not fulfill the whole story when sharpening from one side.

So even when frustrated with one another, we have sharpened each others wit. When exposing weakness in an argument, we have exposed a bur that is to be removed. When we do this, it is the best gift, or investment, depending on how you see it, that you can put on another libertarian.

As a capitalist, I also see the best gifts as investments that will have their return, maybe not back to me, but to the general cause of liberty.

That being said, that is why I will confront cronyism, racism, and other non-profitable isms in similar manors. And I expect others to do the same.

I do not have the gift of a great memory, or of an agile debate skill. What I have, it the ability to see the source. That is, all things have a reason, and those reasons are either to steal, kill, or destroy.

These 3 words can be evil in nature, or good. Evil when they are used in violation of NAP (Non-Aggression Principle). Good when they are used to remove the limits to liberty.

Steal my mind back from the mechanism that would only show me their views. Kill the thoughts that would enslave me to their wills. Destroy the bonds that hold me to their ownership.

For they kill our neighbors in the process of just doing their job. They steal the wealth of the masses, and claim the greater good, and they destroy our liberty on the grounds that they know better.

All things that are designed in violation of liberty to steal, kill, or destroy, are there for one reason, to take my liberty from me. You must ask, who is the real master of this action? The cop is just doing his job. The judge is just making sure that he implements justice as he sees fit, while retaining his post. The city council grabbing the land, is just trying to raise revenue for the city, while getting re-elected. The corporation is just trying to expand their business, so they can hire more staff at a lower wage than the prior owner of the land may have been doing. The legislative members are just keeping their highest donors happy by creating new regulations and licensing, so that their election funds remain in place. And the people vote for a ruling class to protect them from evil corporations, and evil practices, that has been enslaving them from the beginning.

This is why libertarians, and especially ANCAPs (Anarchical-Capitalist) are so harsh to one another. There are more traps to fool us to supporting violation of NAP, than there are defending NAP. For NAP is so easy that there are no traps; it either is, or is not.

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