Snowden was censored. Why is this news, it is a fact of current life?

A notable comment from me on FB in regards to

The more I hear this the more it bores me. We already know that big government ferments big business, which feeds big government. War is business. Soldiers are the tools of business to get what they want, in guise of promoting defense, democracy, and liberty. This is nothing more than perverted greed for the purpose of playing the game of Risk with real people, knowing that this game of Risk has blow-back.

None of these whistle blowers are of great revelation any more. The people have proven that they are so fat, suckling on the tit of government, that they just don’t fucking care.

I’m not alone, but I sure as shit am fully disappointed in a mass of people who’s forefathers tarred and feathered port authorities because they were enforcing monopolies in guise of taxation. The same people who refused to give up their guns and fought back on gun confiscation. But now, now we sit in front of our computers, and share, post, tweet, YouTube, while the very minority actually take action.

Jeffrey Phillips, Adam Kokesh, Christopher Cantwell, and a whole slew of other modern patriots, not that they stand as patriots for a diseased ridden country, but true patriots for individual and personal liberty. We shouldn’t follow then, but stand beside them, they may be examples, but we are the people that the failed constitution was supposed to protect.

This is what you get for letting a piece of parchment protect you. It has not hands but ours, it has no voice but ours, it can take no action but what we take for ourselves. So rather than fighting for the constitution which is a moniker for a false deity which will never show power, stand and be independent of the country.

Step 1. Show one another how to reduce and remove dependency on the government. Food, housing, education, even the fucking roads.

Step 2. Show one another how to reduce the impact that the government can have on you. Switch to alt currencies, and crypto currencies. Barter for exchange of goods and services.

Step 3. Acknowledge that you are not a slave to these false masters. Be ready at all times to be answerable for your liberty. Be public, be vocal, be ready.

Step 4. Be mobile. You are not safe when you live your life so free that the state considers you the enemy. You are NOT being treasonous. You are NOT advocating violence. You are NOT advocating a new country, or the overthrow of the existing one, you ARE advocating the deliberate, and structured disassembly of the federal government, in such a manor that it is both peaceable, and orderly. If you remember this, then you are not, by definition of the law, a criminal or treasonous person, you are a liberated person working to act accordingly.

Step 5. Libertarians are not your enemy. That is libertarians who are minarchist, or constitutionalist, are just fearful of the inevitable in both directions. That is, they fear big government, but they fear chaos. However, when a government gets so big that is collapses under its own weight, it is going to be rivers of blood in the streets chaos caused by militant remnants of the former government trying to seize power for themselves, and we will be caught in the crossfire. If we start the dismantling now, we can avoid that.

Step 6. Live peaceably. Only thugs, and government use force to make us to their will. You can refuse their will, and be answerable for your actions, without taking up force against them. YOU MUST BE PEACEFULL. Violence only begets violence. If you give them no reason to assault you, then build the case against them to the public. The public will side in favor of those being punished unjustly.

Step 7. Be clear on the message of liberty. Don’t get detracted by peripheral topics. Stick with the morality of liberty. As soon as you start debating peripheral items, if you are not well prepared to debate them, you will lose the argument and look the fool. Also peripheral topics can always be discussed in settings where you can bring in people with knowledge that you may want for your discussion.

If you still believe in a god, then start praying now, because we will only become more enslaved until the people start saying no to government, and we don’t have a real Galt’s Gulch to hide out in.

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