Net Neutrality doesn’t fix oligarchies, Competition fixes oligarchies

This is a pretty good video. I was expecting a net neutrality video, but this is a oligarchy video.

So what is the solution to poor customer service, over priced service, and limited bandwidth?

Remove government.

Monopolies can only exist by the use of government. If you cannot compete with another company because the state says so, then you will never break the monopoly. Most cities and counties have signed exclusive rights assignments to the broadband providers. As a result, no other “Cable” provider can compete in that area.

What does this mean? Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Verizon, all have the same pricing, same service, same everything. That is, they are all overpriced and under perform.

There was a time when I touted Cox as the best, but they stopped being hungry, and started going the direction of cost cut everything. And as such, their service charge has gone up, but the service has gone down. Hours on the phone have proven that.

So what would happen if I had a choice to put in Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, or Verizon? They would come up with new options, prices, and challenges to try to get my business.

Why is Net Neutrality not the answer?

Really? The government’s history on regulating items is to cause it to be stifled. Lets restrict everyone, so no one has an advantage. Government is about restriction and control. There is no government program that promotes growth and exceptionalism in the masses. However, there are always the few who have found out how to work with the “Shit” of government and turn it into fertilizer, and they thrive. In landscaping we see this when we see that weeds are thriving on herbicides when the other plants are dying.

What is funny is that Net Neutrality is a herbicide that is specifically designed to feed the weeds that are the current monopolies, while poisoning the other plants which would be competition.

We don’t need Net Neutrality, we need the anti-monopoly laws to be applied to the States, Counties, and Cities, so that the people are not forced into using the Government Sanctioned Businesses only.

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