Reflection of the last 14 days.

[Note on the bottom of why I have been offline for w while.]

Our kings and queens, emperors, and slave masters have been taking the prime, and best for themselves via force of government, and we applaud. They create monopolies through regulation, and we cheer. They slaughter millions of people, and we claim treason to those who speak out.

What is a man, but a lump of flesh that has the ability to think beyond the scope of the most advanced animal. So then why do we allow such brutality by our taskmasters and claim “just following orders”.

Memorial day is over for those who were just following orders. Though I appreciate the heart, and the soul of those who would pay a price that I have not asked, I say it is well past time to start questioning orders.

Is it right to close down that shop because of some crony paid off a politician to make it illegal? Is it right to chase ranchers off their land because a foreign investor wants if for their own use, and paid off the right people? Is it right that a tent city for the homeless is being chased off of “public” land when they have no other place to go?

Is it right to injure of kill children, because you were doing a no-knock raid on a house? Is it right to violate my natural rights, which is “protected” by the constitution of these united states? Is it right that you can lose your private property, because the government “thinks” that it may be used for criminal actions?

Is it right that with a stroke of a pen, you can be blocked from traveling in a private operating business vehicle? Is it right that with a stroke of a pen, you can be tagged for execution by a drone, or a soldier?

Is it right that the government, at any level, can claim authority against you and ownership of your property?

This is written to you, who serve a corrupt and greedy government, if you say any of these are not right, then you must put a stop to this.

A much as I appreciate the work of people like Christopher Cantwell, Antonio Beuler, and many others, I still believe that the best solution to violence is to just stop.

Stop the raids against people doing no harm to anyone but themselves. Stop raiding businesses that aren’t harming anyone, they just fulfill a market that would go underground otherwise. Stop shooting pets, protesters, elderly, the mentally or emotionally challenged. Stop stealing property in the name of the government. Stop considering us as the criminals, and rather consider those who you are employed by as possible criminals. Stop covering up for crimes in those who employ you, and those you work with. Stop being part of the problem.

It doesn’t stop there. If you are a voter, stop voting for the lesser evil. Why are you voting for evil, if it is still evil? Lesser or greater, it is still evil. How the hell do you justify voting for evil to your morals, your god, your family?

Having an oppressor is not a necessity for a civilized society. Government is oppression. Government sets the rules, and hires an army to enforce them. This army is paid for through money extorted from you. You don’t believe that this is extortion? Try not paying your taxes. Pay or have your life ruined.

These rules are made by a ruling class that decides what you can and cannot do. This includes: Arbitrary licensing; What you must do with up to 55% of your income; What you can eat; Smoke; Drink; Who you can see for physical, mental, spiritual, therapy; Where you can live; How you can get your power; Where you can grow, or buy your food; What you can wear; What you can own.

You are not free. If you were free, then these restrictions would not exist. The only reason for there to a governing agency is to resolve harm, death, and ownership. Once government goes outside of that charter, then it is no longer a viable government, but it is an oppressor, who is there to consume everything, including their subjects, you.

In my older posts I have covered God vs Government. God is not a promoter of government, God is a promoter of His agenda, voluntary unity with him through Christ Jesus. So if you are reading this, there should be no surprise to where I am going with this.

So the solution. Just stop. Stop supporting evil. Stop taking orders for evil. Stop covering up for evil. Stop doing the will of evil. Stop being evil. If you take the orders of a devil, and do the bidding of a devil, then you are that devil. Stop being that devil.

Note: I didn’t comment about Stefan Molyneux, Julie Borowski, Adam Kokesh, Walter Block, Austin Petersen, and many more because it isn’t needed. Like me, these people act as peaceniks, unlike me, they are popular about it.

Note on why I went quiet: There is an atheist that took me up on my call to challenge my theism. Mind you, that makes me happier that you can imagine. Because of this, I don’t want to rip him off, by using half assed replies. So I am doing the best I can to give him the best I have for my beliefs. And I will post here. I will probably be dark for a while longer, while I build my plain English apologetics reply. Why plain English? I hate reading stuff that I have to look up terms on, so why the hell would I want to subject that to someone who gifted me with a challenge. I don’t punish those who do me great grace as such.

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